2014 Ferrari F12 TRS Review

Ferrari revealed its latest beauty, the F12 TRS at its third Cavalcade event in the city of Sicily this year. Inspired by the 1957 250, Testa Rossa this car is a lot similar to the F12 Berlinetta. However, some major changes have been done to the external appearance. Ferrari has been known for creating integrated designed cars and this one is no exception. Designed by Flavio Manzoni, the F12 TRS has the same mechanical package as the Berlinetta. It has mind-blowing features, just like any other Ferrari but this machine can accelerate to a speed of 0-62mph in 3.1sec and 0-124mph in a matter of 8.1 seconds!

The car has a 6.3-litre V12 engine giving it a 730bhp and 509lb ft. at an rpm of 9000. Much like the Ferraris of the 1950s which came with the front engines, this one has a peep hole on the bonnet which gives a view to the red heads of the cylinders. Micalised, multi-layered paint technologies and methods were used to paint the car. Like all other Ferraris, this too has an aggressive body talking about pace and swiftness. The bends and curves, sharp nose are all common – what is different is the curvaceous black windscreen adding a spark to the whole thing.

A variation of the T-shaped graphic has inspired the design of the rear portion of the car. The aerobridge which is a special feature of all Ferraris has been accommodated in such a way that it appears to be a part of the sculpting. It runs along the flanks of the car. The front seat pairs give rise to two speedster hump fairings which flow towards the back. The backlights have been made more stylish and now include a spoiler which is built-in. according to the builders; the cabin has been redone to reduce it to its minimum driving essentials without affecting the comfort of driving the machine, yet increasing the appeal of the car.

Overall controls for all services have been reduced. This includes the controls for air conditioning. Certain features have been completely removed, such as the window controls, central air vents, glove compartment, mats, audio system, and odds-and-ends holders. Leather, black matt carbon fiber and alcantara are some of the materials used. The multi-layered used for painting the exterior of the car has also been used to paint the door panels and the central tunnel.

All of this effort was put in to build a car on request of an unknown admirer of the Ferrari. This is the 21st car designed by Ferrari ever since the company started making special project cars on the request of exclusive and valued clients most of whose details remain unknown and discreet. The designing and planning of this car was done in-house by Ferrari under the supervision of Flavio Manzani. There are no such changes in the performance of the car in comparison to the Berlinetta and though the exact price is yet unknown, a seven figure amount is surely set to the mean machine.

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