2015 BMW M4 Review

The new 2015 BMW edition of the M4 is the successor of the much acclaimed M3. The difference in nomenclature is simply because of BMW’s decision to change the designation of its sedans into odd numbers while the keeping its coupes to retain even numbers. The BMW M4 is in many respects a step up from the original M3; however, it retains the previous two door body as well as the aggressive front end design in the new edition. The frontal section is inclusive of a winged low bumper and a power-bulge hood, as well as flared fenders. In terms of the exterior design, what sets the M4 apart from the M3 is the quick sloping roofline which also adds to the illusion is more aggression. It also employs a light weight deck lid made from carbon fibers and reinforced plastic. Also a lot of the M4 is made from aluminum which is understood to be a conscious effort to cut down on the weight of this fast beast. The duck tail as the design on the on the new trunk lid adds to setting the M4 apart from the M3. Based on the new F-30 generation 3-series and the F-32 4-series, the M4 is longer and wider compared to the M3; maintaining the weight almost similar. Aluminum in the fenders and the hood and carbon fibers in the roof, driveshaft and the trunk lid have resulted in the controlled weight.

Among the best things about the M4 include the newly incorporated S55 inline-six engine with direct injection. The engine is also substantiated with other features like twin turbo charging and a double pickup oil pump. The six cylinders crank out around 425 horsepower and a 406 lb/ft of torque. However, it does not quiet make the pleasant rumble of the M3, which is why there is an artificially induced engine power noise inside the coupe cabin. This power noise adds to the aggressive appeal of the BMW M4. A six speed manual from the 1M coupe comes standard with the M$, but customers are more likely to pick up the seven speed, dual clutch, semi- automatic gearbox. The seven speed feature is similar to that of M5; however, it has been tweaked in the M4. The M4 also employs a new five link rear suspension design that is directly attached to the car’s chassis for better performance. BMW claims that the M4 leaps from 0-60 speed in just 4 seconds. Although the M4 is a little stiff in terms of its electronic steering, it performs extremely well at corners and bends. The tires are of impeccable quality, and add to the performance chart. The interiors are done in the image of the interiors of the M3 except the back seats. The back seats are fairly less comfortable in the M4 than in the M3.

The M4 is basically an upgrade of the M3, also in terms of the money you have to shell out. Nonetheless, it still comes from one of the best manufacturers of cars and for a sports cars, it is a sensational addition.

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