2015 Mercedes Benz S63 Review

The S63 model of Mercedes Benz brings a refined and exquisite touch to the speed and traditional luxury of the brand. This big name for the sophistication-lovers does it again in terms of design, built and overall look, with added push to the performance. Benz S63 comes up loaded with AMG goodies, and this model of Mercedes Benz takes the performance of a Mercedes-brand to altogether a different level. This time it’s not merely the design that wins the show, but the performance that makes S63 an enormous combination. Those mourning for any lags in the Mercedes would be receiving the S63 with an impression of wow! Let’s take a quick look at the design, performance, parts and the overall experience with the 2015 Mercedes Benz S63.

Starting off with its exterior design, the roadrunners would find the front of the car gone sleeker than the previous version. The owners also receive the classy Swarovski LED lights with numerous crystals in the headlights. This lighting fashion is maintained till the rear end of the S63, along with an enhanced bumper and diffuser. The design, at the edges along with the sleek windows, makes it an aggressively breath-taking machine for even the newbies to the cars. The way it’s designed surely nominates it to be one of the most classy-designed cars on the road today.

Getting to the interiors, S63 maintains the luxury of the traditional Mercedes Benz. Those on the back-seats would be welcomed with massage-chair-style seats that are capable to be moved in most possible angles. Also, there are screens with huge-display available at the back side of the front seats for infotainment. With a limited leg-room for those at the back-seat, most of the leg-space has been gifted to the driver and the co-driver.

The S63 is equipped to hit the 100 km/hr in 4 seconds and return to the same point in 4.3 seconds. The S63 comes with seven-speed transmission giving three variant driving modes to the owner, to pick from Controlled Efficiency, Sport, or Manual. The speed is electronically limited to a maximum of 250 km/hr. The 255/40 R20 front and the 285/35 R20 back tyres transmit power to the road. The S63 model is powered by a 5.5 L twin-turbo-charged V8 engine that delivers 585 horsepower at 5500 rpm. Also, it emits 900 nm torques at 2240 rpm. Available in silver, black and white shades with metallic finish, there are dark variants in blue and green metallic as well.

Wrapping it up with the overall driving experience the S63 offers, the drive is pretty much comfortable, smooth and on a higher level than the previous model, as with the S63 Mercedes tries to wash-off the tag of great-design-yet-average-performance, which it succeeded to do. Be it on the highway, traffic-packed lane, or narrow-lane hills, S63 is a pleasure to drive with a mix of luxury, comfort and performance.

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