Arow Rental Miami Reviews

Arow Rental Service is one of the most versatile car rental providers in Miami. One just has to name a car or a budget, or even the type and chances are that they have it for you. Arow Rentals are constantly boosting their car line up and the New Year has seen many more additions to their already impressive range. Standard and economy cars, SUVs and Vans, Luxury cars which are either coupe or sedan, convertibles and sports cars, or even luxury SUVs are all available at Arow Rentals.
They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If that’s not enough, then they are even accessible with their toll free number. The best part of arrow Car Rental Service as reviewed by its clients is its location. It is conveniently situated near the international airport. Therefore, travellers need no waste time in looking for a good car and can instead simply rent one to kick start their trip to Miami. Their cars are available in both Miami and Orlando and they are good service providers for both cheap and luxury cars. Cars can be rented with them on a daily or weekly basis. Charges are according to the car being rented. So, while an economy vehicle can be availed at $39.95 a day and $139.95 a week, a luxury car can cost around $ 2000 a week. Rates for exotic vehicles are higher can go up to $12000 for one week. According to their portal, the prices are inclusive of a hundred miles per day and each extra mile costs 50 cents extra. The staffs speak English, French, Portuguese and Spanish which is a great boon for all customers and out of town travellers.
All in all, however, the services are value for money. A customer reviewed the place as having the best rates in town. However, the cars could be both old and new. It is completely the client’s decision as to which car they choose. While a higher price will get them a fabulous vehicle, a lower price range may set you back with an old model. Still, Miami is the location of the fast life and people visiting the area are usually around for a fixed length of time. It is a good place to rent a car if you know your needs, your budget and the duration of your stay. These simple parameters can aid in a good judgement while choosing a vehicle.
Arow vehicles are good for all kinds of travellers, including students, businessmen, corporate jetsetters, families, or couples. In that regard, they have something that suits every person and their needs. They also cater to locals looking for a car or wishing to drive a new model for a few days. Though the staffs are informal in their practices and behaviour, the cars they provide more than make up for it. So, what more are you waiting for? Get the car of your choice and get busy exploring the city lights.

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