Aston Martin CC 100 Review

Aston Martin is one of the phenomenal car companies in the world that has the credit of making sensual cars. Sensuality meets practicality with the CC100. Built as the most special gift that the company could have on its centenary celebration, the car sports a badge with 100 on it. The 565 horsepower beast is around 4000 pounds but is built for a nimbler ride and a sports car experience.

Designed by Director of Design Marek Reichman and Chief Exterior Designer Miles Nurnberger, the car is a story of aspiration. As the British company celebrates its 100th year it wanted a car that could reserve its past while admiring the future. Aston Martin has managed to remain an individual company after all these years and that reflects in the design and the very foundation of the car.

Dr Ulrich Bez, CEO of Aston Martin unleashed the CC100 at Pebble Beach in 2013. One look at the car and you know it’s an inspiration from Aston Martin’s iconic DBR1 (1959). A car that clocked 1000km of Nurburgring, crewed by Sir Stirling Moss. It was a jaw dropping moment when the V12 engines of the CC100 burst into light.

The CC100 in most ways mark the perfect combination of Aston Martin’s heritage with modern gear dynamics. It’s an open speedster. No windshield to guard you from the wind when you hit 180 miles behind the wheels. Its makers claim, it is about the driving experience of the car; a car that Aston Martin engineered for driving delight. This product puts the capabilities of the VH platform to test.  The all carbon fiber body has 55 carbon panels.

The shape of the car is as much about form as it is about function. There is a cut away which extends till half of the Aston Martin’s Wings (the door). The doors are designed like the swan wings, a regular feature on Aston Martin road cars.

The one great thing about Aston Martin is the fact that you can actually personalize the car to great extents. The use of traditional Bridge of Weir leather in the seats, the exposed aluminum makes this car a complete package to ogle at. You get a 5 point harness as a standard on the car along with fantastic looking glass control buttons. It is two seated that has the potent to take one on a dream ride.

At a time when makers are struggling to make modern cars look good, the car exudes simplicity wrapped in the basics of proportion. It captures the heritage and looks into the future. It has an all carbon fiber body. The car comes in sterling green color. The beast possesses a V12, 7 speed gear box and runs 565 Horse power.  The Aston Martin CC100 packs more punch than expected. There are almost no negatives about this car. It’s a concept car that has the practicality and agility of a road car’s design.

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