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Top Selling Exotic Cars in Miami

When it comes to owning exotic supercars, Miami stands at the top of the list. According to Dominion Enterprises, a Virginia based firm that tracks automobile dealership in and around US. Miami is said to be the biggest market of high-end cars and humungous trucks in all USA beating the apparent car capital of US Los Angeles. A sum total of 9,834 luxury cars were sold in the first quarter of this year in the Great Miami alone which is an increase on 13.47% from last year’s first quarter sales. Japanese and German made cars are the favorites amongst the car owners of Miami.

Amid the top 10 exotic cars sold in Miami are German made Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi that acquire 6 out of 10 cars and following 3 are from Japanese brand Lexus and 1 from Cadillac which is an American made General motors’ brand. When talking about the top 10 sport cars Nissan and Land Rover also gain a position alongside the above mentioned German brands. The most popular cars sold in the first quarter of 2014 were Mercedes-Benz 250 Series for luxury cars and the Lexus RX-350 for SUVs. Though, they were certainly not the most expensive.

Amongst the most expensive exotic cars sold in the great Miami is Ferrari 458 Italia which is the best car Ferrari ever built worth $278,000, 55 of which are already sold with its head turning design the car has 4.5-liter V8 engine with 562 horsepower at 9,000 rpm and torque rating at 398 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm. It has the top speed of 325 km/h and official acceleration as 3.3 seconds.

Other top selling supercars comprise of Bentley Mulsanne worth $189,081. This full size sedan has a 6.75 L (6750 cc/411 in³) OHV V8 engine having 505 horsepower at 4200rpm and torque rating at 752 lb-ft at 1750 rpm.

The luxurious Bentley Continental costing $150,789 is a luxury convertible much desired due to its 6.0 litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine  with 560 hp at 6,100 rpm and torque of 479 lb-ft at 1,600-6,100 rpm. It accelerates from 0-100 in about 4.8 seconds with top speed of 318 km/h.

The stunning and classy Aston Martin Rapide with an average cost of $162,657 is a four door sport saloon having powered by a  5,935 cc V12 engine, producing  550 bhp (410 kW; 558 PS) and torque rating at 443 lb-ft . It attains the top speed of 306 km/h and can accelerate from 0-100 in 4.9 seconds, it is one of the favorites due to its low CO2 emissions.

Cadillac ELR Coupe ranging from $75,000 to $82,135 has an astonishing four-cylinder engine and a 16.5 kWh lithium-ion battery. This hybrid has a top speed of 171 km/h and achieves acceleration from 0-60 mph in 7.8 sec.

The Italian Maserati Granturismo worth $143,900 is a 2 door convertible claims to have a top speed of 303 km/h. it has a 4.7 litre, 460 HP V8 engine with 454 hp at 7,000 rpm and torque rating at 384 lb-ft at about 4,750 rpm.


Top Exotic Car Owners in the World

Exotic cars are typically high priced including various special features which their privileged makers typically manufacture in very limited numbers. They are always equipped with high-end power and performance. People are often very keen on collecting these one-of-a-kind exotic cars. Some of the top exotic cars owners of the world are-


The Sultan of Brunei:

The sultan is a huge car enthusiast with an estimate of 6000 exotic cars. One of his costliest cars is the 14 million dollars Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Limousine encumbered with 24k gold. The other supercars in his collection are McLaren f1, Bugatti Veyron, McLaren FX and Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR. He also owns 200 BMWs, Jaguars and Porches.


Jay Leno:

The standup comedian/talk-show-host is one of the most famous exotic car collectors in the world. His collection include over 200 cars which incorporate McLaren MP4-12C, EcoJet Definitive Edition and Lamborghini 350GT, 25 classic cars and 22 steam powered engine cars.


Ken Lingenfelter:

The owner of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering takes pride his collection of luxurious cars which is expanding every year. This business tycoon owns more than 150 American Muscle, 20 Lamborghini Reventons and rare Corvettes and Mustangs too that are kept safe in a 40 thousand square feet building in Michigan.


Ralph Lauren:

The famous designer owns 60 exotic supercars, all of which are interestingly red in color. His assortment of cars include Bugatti Veyron, quite a few Ferraris, a 1937 Bugatti Gangloff Drop Head Coup, 1938 Bugatti Coupe, a Alfa Romeo Mille Migilia Roadster. He is also the proud owner of the only Mercedes-Benz SSK Comte Trossi Roadster in the world.


David Beckham:

The versatile footballer/model/actor/fashionista owns a collection of exotic cars, some of which are Ferrari 612 Scaglietti with customized number & logo, a custom Escalade, a Lamborghini Gallardo which has number 23 imprinted on its wheels, a stunning Rolls-Royce Phantom Drop-head coupe, a luxurious Bentley Arnage and Audi RS6. He also owns a couple of other Lamborghinis and Aston Martins


Jay Kay:

The lead singer of the famous band Jamiroquai is in awe of exotic car and because of his love of cars, he owns almost 70 supercars, which include 911 Carrera RS and GT3RS, a speedy Ferrari 550, a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a Lamborghini Miura SV. Some of the other cars are a Porsche 911 Speedster and his beloved limited edition Mercedes-Benz 600.


Mukesh Ambani:

A business tycoon and the richest man of India, has a fetish for European exotic cars and owns about 168 of them in total. His garage houses a hand-fill of Mercedes and Bentleys. His most expensive car is a Rupees 5.25 crore Mayback exclusively imported by him.

Wyclef Jean:

With around 40 cars in his garage this hip-hop artist has yet another obsession of modified cars that include McLaren F1, Ferrari 360 Spider F1, a pink 1957 Cadillac Eldorado and a customized Hummer H2 having an inbuilt fish tank amongst his fleet of exotic cars.


Rowan Atkinson:

This comedian famous as Mr. Bean has a major car fetish. He owns a McLaren F1, Aston Martin V8 Zagato, a Honda NSX, a Honda Civic Hybrid and an Audi A8.

McLaren 650S Review

The McLaren 650S is the new age supercar that is the perfect amalgamation of technology, luxury and comfort. With McLaren coming up with the P1 and then the 12C, the 650S is aptly their successor. It packs in a pretty solid collection is visual upgrades and aerodynamic alterations that increase the control over high speeds. The McLaren 650S is built around the same carbon fiber chassis as is the12C; which assigns this beast the advantage of reduced weight, weighing in at 165lbs only, to yield greater performance. A four-wheel wishbone hangs independently from the chassis; ensuring superior traction control. The engine of the 650S is the same M838T turbo charged 3.8L V8, as is found in the earlier 12C and the P1. The 650S, however, promises an upgrade in the power generation of 640 horsepower from the 591 horsepower of the 12C; and 500 lb/ft of torque. The massive power is generated through a seven speed dual clutch automatic gearbox. It is all the more impressive that the McLaren 650S races to 60mph from 0, in just 2.9 s; and to 100mph in 5.7 s. It reaches 186mph in 25.4 s; while its top speed can be cranked up to 207mph. the speed transitions are effortless and extremely swift. At the corners, McLaren has installed carbon ceramic discs measuring15.5 inches up front, and 15 inches in the rear. These brilliant brakes ensure that the 650S takes only 100 feet to stop from 62mph, 404 feet to stop when driven at 124mph. The 650S has 19 inches in the front and 20 inches in the rear of Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires; which are synonymous with control and safety.

The interiors of the McLaren 650S is surprisingly spacious and comfortable for a two door vehicle. In order to keep the centre as compact as is possible the GPS screen is mounted in portrait, instead of the regular landscape format. To accentuate parking efficiency, a rear view camera can be installed along with a parking sensor package. There is brilliant communication on part of the car to the driver; irrespective of the weather conditions. The serpentine grille and the sculpted bumper in the McLaren 650S, along with the thin band of LED based headlamps and the swoosh McLaren logo, assign a meaner look. The carbon fiber lower door blades, gaping side scoops and a recalibrated dynamic rear wing work cumulatively to increase the down-force by nearly 24% at 150mph. The ceiling, doors as well as the seats are swathed in faux suede with soft leather available as an upgrade. Also, for a fairly compact car, it packs in great outward vision. There are two models available in the McLaren 650S- the spider and the coupe.

McLaren has been manufacturing racing cars for a really long time, so it can be rightly assumed that they understand comfort requirements best. Also they put their best foot forward when it comes to adding technological upgrades in a car. However, the price can cause a cringe; albeit it is a luxury sports car.

2015 BMW M4 Review

The new 2015 BMW edition of the M4 is the successor of the much acclaimed M3. The difference in nomenclature is simply because of BMW’s decision to change the designation of its sedans into odd numbers while the keeping its coupes to retain even numbers. The BMW M4 is in many respects a step up from the original M3; however, it retains the previous two door body as well as the aggressive front end design in the new edition. The frontal section is inclusive of a winged low bumper and a power-bulge hood, as well as flared fenders. In terms of the exterior design, what sets the M4 apart from the M3 is the quick sloping roofline which also adds to the illusion is more aggression. It also employs a light weight deck lid made from carbon fibers and reinforced plastic. Also a lot of the M4 is made from aluminum which is understood to be a conscious effort to cut down on the weight of this fast beast. The duck tail as the design on the on the new trunk lid adds to setting the M4 apart from the M3. Based on the new F-30 generation 3-series and the F-32 4-series, the M4 is longer and wider compared to the M3; maintaining the weight almost similar. Aluminum in the fenders and the hood and carbon fibers in the roof, driveshaft and the trunk lid have resulted in the controlled weight.

Among the best things about the M4 include the newly incorporated S55 inline-six engine with direct injection. The engine is also substantiated with other features like twin turbo charging and a double pickup oil pump. The six cylinders crank out around 425 horsepower and a 406 lb/ft of torque. However, it does not quiet make the pleasant rumble of the M3, which is why there is an artificially induced engine power noise inside the coupe cabin. This power noise adds to the aggressive appeal of the BMW M4. A six speed manual from the 1M coupe comes standard with the M$, but customers are more likely to pick up the seven speed, dual clutch, semi- automatic gearbox. The seven speed feature is similar to that of M5; however, it has been tweaked in the M4. The M4 also employs a new five link rear suspension design that is directly attached to the car’s chassis for better performance. BMW claims that the M4 leaps from 0-60 speed in just 4 seconds. Although the M4 is a little stiff in terms of its electronic steering, it performs extremely well at corners and bends. The tires are of impeccable quality, and add to the performance chart. The interiors are done in the image of the interiors of the M3 except the back seats. The back seats are fairly less comfortable in the M4 than in the M3.

The M4 is basically an upgrade of the M3, also in terms of the money you have to shell out. Nonetheless, it still comes from one of the best manufacturers of cars and for a sports cars, it is a sensational addition.

La Ferrari Review

La Ferrari is not just an ordinary Ferrari. It is the ultimate hypercar created by the brand and there will only be 499 of them. It is a limited series car much like its predecessors- the Enzo, F50 etc. So how does it hold up against its chief rivals? Does it give McLaren P1 or a Porsche 918 Spyder a run for its money? The answer would be a yes!

Costing a whopping £ 1 million, it’s a car for the few. With a 6262 cc naturally aspirated engine, the LaFerrari packs a power punch of 950bhp. The V12 engine generates 790bhp at 9000rpm and 516lb ft of torque at 6750rpm. So where does the remaining power come from? Seated firmly under the seats is a 60kg lithium ion battery pack. The battery packs an additional 160bhp of power via a 25.7kg motor pipe to give a combined output of 950bhp in total.

The Hy-Kers System is a huge technological leap for Ferrari, making LaFerrari its most high performing and efficient Ferrari of ever. Ferrari’s F1 expertise with KERS system has been put to application in its road car. The Hy-Kers in return guarantees the utmost integration of V12 engine and the electric motor. This means that the energy is being constantly harvested. There is an unending power all through the rev range. The machine packs a maximum torque of 900Nm.

The seven speed F1 dual-clutch gearbox is teamed with the electric motor and an auxiliary electric motor. It replaces the traditional alternator. This in turn saves weight and reduces the overall dimensions of the packaging. The power unit is produced by Getrag.

The chassis is high impact and penetration resistant. The lowering of weight, seat structure, ensures a compact design and a low centre of gravity. The chassis is built in Maranello, entirely in-house, alongside the single seater F1 cars. The carbon fiber used in the car is cured in the autoclaves used to cure F1 chassis.

LaFerrari packs a highest seed of 350km per hour. It reaches 0-100km per hour in less than 3 seconds, 0-200km per hour in less than 7 seconds and 0-300km per hour in 15 seconds sharp. The car has double wishbones at the corners. It has coil springs with electronically controlled dampers. There is a huge carbon ceramic disc brake manufactured by Brembo. Electronics are at the crux of the car’s Alma Mater. Front and rear wins are actively deployed to serve two running configurations of high and low down force.

The cabin is beautiful and precious with more headspace than the Enzo. Ferrari says the driver’s seat is halfway between a normal sports car and that of an F1 car. There is a TFT digital display for all the specs and features.

The 10litre V12 makes LaFerrari a dream. It is difficult to miss the Ferrari V12 engine sound on the LaFerrari. The tuning of the exhaust in particular ensures that the sound of the V12 is music to the ear.

2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Super Review

Lamborghini Gallardo turned out to be a head turner, one that outsold all its predecessors. So when the Italian car manufacturer re-engineered it, there was a lot at stake. The successor to Gallardo has a 5.2-litre displacement, 10 cylinders, a 610 horse power engine, Huracan LP610-4.

The car boasts of a hexagonal design and that is visible even on the interiors. The car has a subtle design. The car has been designed for speed. No active aerodynamics, no real spoiler either, yet the car manages 50percent more down force than its predecessor. The car’s ignition switch is inspired from a fighter jet design; one has to flip it, before firing up the engine. The air vents too sport a hexagonal design and the interiors are rather well done indeed. There is a massive 12.3 inch display for the gauges and other graphic elements.

Gallardo’s single clutch unit has been replaced with a twin clutch system and that adds more street dynamics to the car. However the soul of the Huracan rests in a red shinny switch at the bottom of the steering. ANIMA as Lamborghini calls it lets one switch between three modes of driving. The three driving modes are Strada, Sport and Corsa. ANIMA allows you to adjust the throttle, steering response, behavior of the gearbox and the distribution of power.

Carbon-ceramic brakes come as a standard on the car. The Corsa mode allows the driver to take full control of the shifts. It even allows the user to adjust the power distribution ratio between front and rear wheels. Lamborghini remains committed to naturally aspirated power even in a world fascinated with turbo charged engines. The car has a seven speed dual clutch transmission.

The car has an aluminum/carbon fiber chassis. That alone makes the car 10% lighter and 50 percent stiffer than its predecessor. However the transmission is purely automatic and it may hurt those looking for a manual one. But the new transmission is also what makes it more drivable than the Gallardo.  But however the extremely low sung design of the car makes getting on it and off it difficult. The visibility of the cars outside is restricted.

The car sports aluminum double-wishbone suspension. If driving at neck break speeds make you weary of its braking abilities, look no further. Huracan LP 610-4 sports a hydraulic dual-circuit brake system with vacuum brake servo unit. It has six-piston calipers at the front and four-piston calipers at the rear. The car has Euro 6 emission rating and sports a maximum power of 610 CV (449 kW) at 8,250 RPM. Maximum torque is 560 Nm (412 lb ft) at 6,500 RPM. Coming to performance, the Huracan 610-4 delivers a top speed of 325 km per hour. The acceleration on this device is amazing. The car touches 0-100km per hour in 3.2 seconds. It reaches an acceleration of 0-200 km per hour in 9.9 seconds.

The Huracan LP 610-4 inspires, fascinates and outshines what it must replace- The Gallardo.

2015 Mercedes Benz S63 Review

The S63 model of Mercedes Benz brings a refined and exquisite touch to the speed and traditional luxury of the brand. This big name for the sophistication-lovers does it again in terms of design, built and overall look, with added push to the performance. Benz S63 comes up loaded with AMG goodies, and this model of Mercedes Benz takes the performance of a Mercedes-brand to altogether a different level. This time it’s not merely the design that wins the show, but the performance that makes S63 an enormous combination. Those mourning for any lags in the Mercedes would be receiving the S63 with an impression of wow! Let’s take a quick look at the design, performance, parts and the overall experience with the 2015 Mercedes Benz S63.

Starting off with its exterior design, the roadrunners would find the front of the car gone sleeker than the previous version. The owners also receive the classy Swarovski LED lights with numerous crystals in the headlights. This lighting fashion is maintained till the rear end of the S63, along with an enhanced bumper and diffuser. The design, at the edges along with the sleek windows, makes it an aggressively breath-taking machine for even the newbies to the cars. The way it’s designed surely nominates it to be one of the most classy-designed cars on the road today.

Getting to the interiors, S63 maintains the luxury of the traditional Mercedes Benz. Those on the back-seats would be welcomed with massage-chair-style seats that are capable to be moved in most possible angles. Also, there are screens with huge-display available at the back side of the front seats for infotainment. With a limited leg-room for those at the back-seat, most of the leg-space has been gifted to the driver and the co-driver.

The S63 is equipped to hit the 100 km/hr in 4 seconds and return to the same point in 4.3 seconds. The S63 comes with seven-speed transmission giving three variant driving modes to the owner, to pick from Controlled Efficiency, Sport, or Manual. The speed is electronically limited to a maximum of 250 km/hr. The 255/40 R20 front and the 285/35 R20 back tyres transmit power to the road. The S63 model is powered by a 5.5 L twin-turbo-charged V8 engine that delivers 585 horsepower at 5500 rpm. Also, it emits 900 nm torques at 2240 rpm. Available in silver, black and white shades with metallic finish, there are dark variants in blue and green metallic as well.

Wrapping it up with the overall driving experience the S63 offers, the drive is pretty much comfortable, smooth and on a higher level than the previous model, as with the S63 Mercedes tries to wash-off the tag of great-design-yet-average-performance, which it succeeded to do. Be it on the highway, traffic-packed lane, or narrow-lane hills, S63 is a pleasure to drive with a mix of luxury, comfort and performance.

Exotic Cars in movie Transformers 4

Transformers 4 as whole may loathed by the critics but who doesn’t like American muscle or European supercars turn into giant alien robots fighting to save the world. The car enthusiasts were not at all disappointed by the wicked-cool cars that were featured in the movie.

Optimus Prime: Western Star 49800X

The leader of Autobots is completely upgraded and has become far more aerodynamic. The American custom-built Prime supports a 15 liter diesel engine that weighs 1.5 tons. It sports massive exhaust stacks with dazzling flame paint job.

Bumblebee:  1967 Chevrolet Camaro

Sam’s bestfried and everyone’s favorite autobot first appears in a retro look as 67 Camaro and then in a modified 2014 Prototype Camaro. Owning a best friend like Bee can cost you up to a whopping $60,000-80,000.

Crosshairs:  2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Chevrolet flaunts it’s all new C7 Stingray in the new Transformers movie. Contributing to the theme, the character is nowhere near to being lazy. The car goes from 0 to 96km/h in just 3.8 seconds. With a killer 455 horsepower and a V8 engine, this autobot will surely leave all decepticons behind.


Drift: Bugatti Veyron Grand Vitesse

Imagine watching a $2.4 Million car turning into a giant sword-wielding samurai warrior autobot (how astonishing!). The world’s fastest convertible with a top speed of 254.04mph and 1200 horsepower will be more than enough to outrun any deception it encounters.


Lockdown:  Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

The role of the Decepticon tracking down Prime was aptly given to one the finest supercars in the world. The matt black paint and blacked out rims are perfect traits of an ever more frightening alien bounty hunter. The sneaky looking Aventador costs nearly half a million, posses a 700 horsepower engine and a top speed which goes up to 217mph.


Stinger: 2013 Pagani Huayra

Bumblebee’s long standing rival, Stinger, is an exotic looking car hand-crafted in Italy. Named after the goddess of wind, the car goes from 0 to 100 in almost no time, thanks to its V12 Twin-Turbo engine. The red and white human-made transformer is a cheap knock-off of Bumblebee.


Hound: Oshkosh Tactical Defense Vehicle

Hound’s new disguise is upgraded from a Jeep, first introduced in 1989. The outspoken, chain-smoking overweight transformer looks far-more equipped to deal with the hardships of earth. The high performance defense truck is even equipped with High Mobility Artillery Rocket which spikes up its cost to about $380,000.

Galvatron: Freightliner Argosy

The great American truck, sporting Detroit Diesel and Cummins engine, transforms into an ever so mysterious and notably the main villain. With a heavy duty body and 18-speed Eaton-Fuller auto shift transmission, this semi-trailer truck’s base model would cost around $250,000.


Chevrolet Sonic RS

The Chevy did not transform into an autobot or a decepticon but the royal purple branded rally car which spins up to 138 mph with its four-cylinder engine gave viewers goose bumps with all tire-squealing in the sequence featuring Local Motors Rally Fighters. The little seeding mill starts at about $22,280.

Aston Martin CC 100 Review

Aston Martin is one of the phenomenal car companies in the world that has the credit of making sensual cars. Sensuality meets practicality with the CC100. Built as the most special gift that the company could have on its centenary celebration, the car sports a badge with 100 on it. The 565 horsepower beast is around 4000 pounds but is built for a nimbler ride and a sports car experience.

Designed by Director of Design Marek Reichman and Chief Exterior Designer Miles Nurnberger, the car is a story of aspiration. As the British company celebrates its 100th year it wanted a car that could reserve its past while admiring the future. Aston Martin has managed to remain an individual company after all these years and that reflects in the design and the very foundation of the car.

Dr Ulrich Bez, CEO of Aston Martin unleashed the CC100 at Pebble Beach in 2013. One look at the car and you know it’s an inspiration from Aston Martin’s iconic DBR1 (1959). A car that clocked 1000km of Nurburgring, crewed by Sir Stirling Moss. It was a jaw dropping moment when the V12 engines of the CC100 burst into light.

The CC100 in most ways mark the perfect combination of Aston Martin’s heritage with modern gear dynamics. It’s an open speedster. No windshield to guard you from the wind when you hit 180 miles behind the wheels. Its makers claim, it is about the driving experience of the car; a car that Aston Martin engineered for driving delight. This product puts the capabilities of the VH platform to test.  The all carbon fiber body has 55 carbon panels.

The shape of the car is as much about form as it is about function. There is a cut away which extends till half of the Aston Martin’s Wings (the door). The doors are designed like the swan wings, a regular feature on Aston Martin road cars.

The one great thing about Aston Martin is the fact that you can actually personalize the car to great extents. The use of traditional Bridge of Weir leather in the seats, the exposed aluminum makes this car a complete package to ogle at. You get a 5 point harness as a standard on the car along with fantastic looking glass control buttons. It is two seated that has the potent to take one on a dream ride.

At a time when makers are struggling to make modern cars look good, the car exudes simplicity wrapped in the basics of proportion. It captures the heritage and looks into the future. It has an all carbon fiber body. The car comes in sterling green color. The beast possesses a V12, 7 speed gear box and runs 565 Horse power.  The Aston Martin CC100 packs more punch than expected. There are almost no negatives about this car. It’s a concept car that has the practicality and agility of a road car’s design.

2014 Ferrari F12 TRS Review

Ferrari revealed its latest beauty, the F12 TRS at its third Cavalcade event in the city of Sicily this year. Inspired by the 1957 250, Testa Rossa this car is a lot similar to the F12 Berlinetta. However, some major changes have been done to the external appearance. Ferrari has been known for creating integrated designed cars and this one is no exception. Designed by Flavio Manzoni, the F12 TRS has the same mechanical package as the Berlinetta. It has mind-blowing features, just like any other Ferrari but this machine can accelerate to a speed of 0-62mph in 3.1sec and 0-124mph in a matter of 8.1 seconds!

The car has a 6.3-litre V12 engine giving it a 730bhp and 509lb ft. at an rpm of 9000. Much like the Ferraris of the 1950s which came with the front engines, this one has a peep hole on the bonnet which gives a view to the red heads of the cylinders. Micalised, multi-layered paint technologies and methods were used to paint the car. Like all other Ferraris, this too has an aggressive body talking about pace and swiftness. The bends and curves, sharp nose are all common – what is different is the curvaceous black windscreen adding a spark to the whole thing.

A variation of the T-shaped graphic has inspired the design of the rear portion of the car. The aerobridge which is a special feature of all Ferraris has been accommodated in such a way that it appears to be a part of the sculpting. It runs along the flanks of the car. The front seat pairs give rise to two speedster hump fairings which flow towards the back. The backlights have been made more stylish and now include a spoiler which is built-in. according to the builders; the cabin has been redone to reduce it to its minimum driving essentials without affecting the comfort of driving the machine, yet increasing the appeal of the car.

Overall controls for all services have been reduced. This includes the controls for air conditioning. Certain features have been completely removed, such as the window controls, central air vents, glove compartment, mats, audio system, and odds-and-ends holders. Leather, black matt carbon fiber and alcantara are some of the materials used. The multi-layered used for painting the exterior of the car has also been used to paint the door panels and the central tunnel.

All of this effort was put in to build a car on request of an unknown admirer of the Ferrari. This is the 21st car designed by Ferrari ever since the company started making special project cars on the request of exclusive and valued clients most of whose details remain unknown and discreet. The designing and planning of this car was done in-house by Ferrari under the supervision of Flavio Manzani. There are no such changes in the performance of the car in comparison to the Berlinetta and though the exact price is yet unknown, a seven figure amount is surely set to the mean machine.

2015 Pagani Zonda 760x Review

In today’s era people are enjoying new speed car games everyday especially the upcoming generation. Have you ever wondered about a car from a game coming out into reality? Yes, you heard it right! One of the cars I am talking about is the all new Pagani Zonda 760 X. The super car maker Pagani Zonda owned by Horacio Pagani, an Italian manufacturer of sports car revealed that the car is being manufactured for a particular customer, a Chinese billionaire, as they have done before by manufacturing the Zonda LM 760 designed by Le Mans as a remark of thanks to an Argentine businessman. Unfortunately this is going to be the last Zonda as revealed by the company but it appears that the car maker will still build a new Zonda for you if your pockets are filled with money.

The Pagani Zonda 760 X will come in the beautiful shades of black and baby blue which will deliver a tremendous impact on people. It will be a great package of powerful and stylish accessories with a long air scoop covering the cabin and similar to Zonda Uno its taillights will be surrounded with the shades of the Italian flag. It will also be featured with an extravagant rear diffuser with a colossal rear wing for maximum down force and central fins for greater stability as well. The car body work is constructed from pure carbon fiber.

The company, Pagani, is in its final stages of development of the all new Pagani Zonda 760 X and will be concluded by 2015. Its exceptional handling and braking experience is capped by a superior design of brakes and suspension. Even the manufacturer is taking ideas from Formula1 cars; which keeps the supercar away from blasting off, by enabling the car to operate in two modes which can be activated with ease by the driver by pushing the buttons available at the steering wheel. The car’s exterior components are prepared from carbon fiber but come with turquoise accents. Coming to the interiors we will find the leather wrapped seats in same shade of blue color and some part of dashboard as well.

The car comes with an extensive 7.3 liter AMG instinctively operated V12 engine. The number 760 in the car name reveals that the car will be powered with 760 hp as seen in the previous Zonda 760 versions and all the power is forced to the ground by the rear wheels. The car has a sprint time of 2.6 seconds accelerating from zero to 60 miles per hour (100 kmph) with a top speed of about 217 miles per hour. The car engine comes with a subsequent transmission for lightning fast shifts and a gear can be changed in 20 milliseconds only along with some upgrades from the Zonda R. The car as manufactured for a particular customer with a particular shade matches with Qatar family and will go to China so will be priced at about 15,00,000 dollars.

2015 Arrinera Hussarya 33 review

People all around the world are becoming crazy day by day about the new, stylish and high performance cars. It has now become even a hobby for some people to test these high performance cars. Arrinera Automotive is a big name in the world of manufacturing Polish super cars and the company is based in Warsaw. The launch of Arrinera Hussarya 33 in late next year will become a part of this race. This amazing stylish car is not only going to attract people by its looks but will also surprise them with its amazing interiors, features and engine. Arrinera has been working hard for the last four years and the design was out in summer 2011 but the engineers are working hard for last 14 months to manufacture its first super car with a sleek design and finally the time has come. The car is being designed by the founder of Nobel Automotive, Mr. Lee Nobel. The company has started testing the pre-production of Hussarya 33 to launch it in late 2015 which would prove it to become one of the best cars in the world and the testing session shall commence in the end of October this year.
The Arrinera automotive is now just focusing upon its final touch to the body and preparation of the driver cabin and the whole car is being built and assembled by the SILS centre Gliwice as it is a big name in world of motoring providing all certificates necessary for ensuring and promising highest quality service being an experienced part of global car makers. The number 33 in the name Hussarya33 sates that this limited launch edition will be produced and delivered exclusively only to the 33 customers in the whole world.
Engine features:
The supercar is powered with a 6.2 liter V8 engine which commences a power of about 650 hp and a torque of 605 lb-ft having a sprint time of 3.2 seconds and can reach a top speed of 340km/h or 212miles per hour. The first preproduction test will take place at Poland and UK and the car will be going to hit the markets in Europe, China and Middle East and later on in United States.
Interiors and Exteriors:
The Arrinera automotive will be launching Hussarya offering air conditioning, Bluetooth and MP3 compatible music system, carbon fibre bucket seats, four-point seatbelts, stiffer suspension and low profile tyres which are some of the amazing features that helps for a great pickup. Daylight running lights, night headlights and parking sensors along with a back-up camera are some features being provided on the exterior part of the car. It is also equipped with a spoiler which makes the use of air brakes at a higher speed to reduce the vehicle braking distance. The weight of this supercar is just about 1300 kgs which is very light in comparison to other supercars available in the world.
Price for this fully packed and well equipped supercar will start at 1,60,000 Euros for the standard version and the special and limited launch edition Hussarya 33 will be priced closer to 2,00,000 Euros.

Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato review

Lamborghini needs no introduction. It had a vision to overrule the automobile business and it is sure making great business. It is always on the top of their game and has introduced so many extraordinary sports cars. They have a fleet of cars inventions to boast of. People go crazy over all their cool assortment of cars. Lamborghini and Zagato have a long history behind them of working together. They together have collaborated and created magic many times. Together they have introduced so many car models including the first ever Zagato like Lamborghini. They share an amazing bond of 50 years. And proving that they are still going strong, they have introduced Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato.
Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato is already making waves even though it has just hit on the floors. It is said to be inspired from the older version of Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4. What is amazing about this new model is that it is already being considered to be greatest of all creations in history. The new 5-95 Zagato is sleeker and primmer than ever was. It is a beautiful combination of classic and magic creation. The detailing is very accurate and correct. The inbuilt functioning is absolutely stunning and extraordinary. In fact you will notice that there are considerable number of differences between the Zagato and Gallardo.
Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato have strong mechanical components comprising a bold front fascia and powerful wind shields for protection that also elongates the top cover. This model has a shorter trunk. Zagato has special trademarks to it like its wind shielded glass and its double protective roof. And its splitter in the front edge makes it a set apart from all the other sports cars. There are other features in the car like four different exhaust pipes sticking out the lusterless surface orange framework of the car. And the additional six point exhaust pipe component.
Zagato also gives you a 5.2-liter V-10 engine which produces 570 horsepower and 398 pound feet of torque. It pushes off with the highest speed covering over 200 mph. All credit to their amazing and superb wheel which give a smooth ride and sends the 5-95 from zero to 62 mph.
The Milanese coach-makers Zagato have always been known for their stupefying and astonishing versions of sports cars. The Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato is no different. It is beautifully crafted and is so sturdy. This sports car has sure been built to garner people’s attention nonetheless. And as much as it’s outer classic beauty is its amazing performance.
It is a Zagato trademark yet again and has inbuilt functions to also bring improvisation in the interior department so as to decrease too much sound or noise emitting out of the engine. This sports car is undoubtedly stylish and new age. It is at its best when the patio tailpipes and the bespoke lamps stick out from the back. This stylish sports car is one to vouch out for when unleashed in the market.

Jaguar Blackjag concept

Jaguar Blackjag has all the makings of a spectacular sports car and it completely justifies the traditional brands of Formula One sports cars that have been in the market since. The Jaguar Blackjag was commemorated by the Fuore Design International in celebration of their debut emergence and they unleashed the Jaguar Blackjag then.

Jaguar Blackjag stands loyal as its precursors and promises the same functionality and much better. This sports car exemplifies pure style and makings of a great sports car. This car is a beauty. It is refined and polished. It represents the urbane befitting.
The Jaguar Blackjag has definitely progressed and advanced to mirror the chic and sophisticated new edge formula cars. The creators of this new machine had a vision to fully develop a sports car that achieves almost everything starting from its well designed and well equipped outlook. Blackjag has stormed the market like never before and have all the makings of a sports car including its elegant style look.
The Jaguar Blackjag has been designed to simplicity and curved out to give the car an edge over the other racing cars. This car has a distinguished and unique classy thing about it. The idea or concept of the Jaguar Blackjag is that it is aiming to have better and smoother functioning’s without giving up the idea of a classic outer look. The new look is sculpted to perfection and the interior functioning are a lot more smooth. On the front, they have designed a vivid and striking graphic which is simple to use. They have incorporated headlamps, fog lights to create a munificent amount of light emitting graphic. The car has also been modified and has innovative new winged mirrors and new designed door handles. At the back end of the car are the pipelines that are fully upgraded for better use.
The car is swathed in jet black and brings life to the whole picture and this new raging sports car has grown from more than just a mere replica of the traditional racing sports cars. This new car is nothing but elegance redefined.
The Jaguar Blackjag is a two seater and it also comprises of a 10-cylinder engine, 4 valves, DOHC 7000 cc and 640 HP. It gives rise to new hope and visions of outstanding estimated performance facts like it can go zipping at a speed of 0 to 62 mph/h in 3.8 seconds. It has a top speed of 210 mph.
The size and extension of the Jaguar Blackjag is 4.55 meters long, 1.98 meters wide and 121 centimeters respectively. The car weighs a total of 1350 kg.
The Blackjag was conjured up in Barcelona by one of the most prolific Italian archetype designer. The Fuore Design International did take over and it has been one of the most dynamic working independent design studios. The Jaguar Blackjag was a dream realized for them and it is a big achievement. The Blackjag is a real beauty.

2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Polizia review

The newest edition of the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Polizia is again one luxury sports car which is ruling the market now. Lamborghini has always been amongst the world’s most exquisite luxury sports cars. And this newest edition from their huge line of collectibles needs no further introduction. It has been designed to perfection and there is no bereft of it. The 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Polizia is sleek and a smooth rider. It has replaced the older version of Gallardo used in past years of 2004 and 2008 by the Italian Police. The Gallardo had served its purpose in helping the Italian State Police to fulfill their duties for a couple of years round.
The Huracan LP610-4 Polizia was presented to the Italian Police force by Lamborghini’s very own President and CEO in a ceremony in Rome. This donation came round at a perfect timing when the Italian Police force had to upgrade their patrolling services. Now they are the proud owners of the very luxurious Huracan LP610-4 Polizia.
Now Huracan Polizia has been designed to serve a higher purpose and help navigate the police better in their duties. It has well equipped features wherein the police will be alarmed of any sort of crime and accidents happening in the streets. The Huracan Polizia has been designed to prevent any sorts of crime scenes happening in and around. It has an inbuilt data video system that will keep a record of all the actions of the car. It also features four sirens and an automatic image transfer system that will transfer pictures to all the leading police stations to ensure safety for all. It has other features like chilled shaft like or crate.
The Huracan Polizia has high power speed and can also be used for emergencies like medical related purposes. It also have features like 5.2| V10 engine incorporated with 610 hp and more. It has a huge speed mileage and can cruise over at speed of 202 mph. This new sports car is not only one of the finer looking cars but serves for multipurpose. There are hardly any luxury cars that do off course duty work and this car is multifaceted and multidimensional.
The Italian Police Force is sure going to have a smoother run over their state affairs. The criminals thereon in the city might have a hard run with this unbeatable new cruiser.
The Huracan Polizia is an absolute cool invention. It is worthy for a ride and more to that serves its purpose. The Italian Police Force has so many reasons to rejoice to, they can not only have a cool ride but can also speed up their system duties. The Huracan Polizia is innovative and dynamic and brings everything to a standstill. The result that it gives out overpowers everything and brings it to a whole new level. The car will go on the floors by the end of this year.

2015 Genty Akylone review

The design company that is upping up their game and to watch out for is the Genty Automobile. The company is on an absolute roll to bring out their line of super powers cars on the floors very soon. Their dimensional and new edge innovations defines newness is never old school and gives it a whole new look without deciphering the traditional sports cars. It is a French company and is breaking through the market like a storm with their new cult innovations. This company is now trying to pull off the flag and roll their 2015 Genty Akylone on the floors very soon. The Genty Akylone is the generation next super cars, so get ready to get your best ride yet.
The Akylone will be the first car that will be lashing out in the markets representing the Genty insignia. The company is trying to meet all odds and working out towards a common goal and that is to bring out the coolest car ever there was. This sleek car has some serious futuristic features that will boggle your mind off. Lest you tensed about complications, then fret not. This car promises a hassle free ride. The company has done a lot of testing before the car hits the roads.
Some time back, Genty Automobile had first presented the Akylone in a virtual cast. This latest model is an upgraded version of the same and promises all the more power impact functioning’s. The Genty Akylone is going to give stiff competition in the market and impact the whole automobile industries that are still into Adam time engines.
The Genty Akylone has upgraded designs and functions that have never ever been seen before. With a power that boasts of a 366 CID V8, it guarantees you to push you more than 1,200 BHP. Furthermore it pushes the new model with a high definition speed of 0-62 mph in a timely span of hardly three seconds.
The new wheels are like an automatic pull force action. It promises you a smooth ride with its tire cut piece 861 ft 1b and it gives you the highest speed ever. The whole framework of the car is in-built and amalgamated with fibers of carbon and aluminum. The super sleek car will be a smart ride and is light weight which means you will enjoy shifting gears.
The Genty Automobile Company is taking all steps and measures to give shape to their idea of this superb sleek car. Everything is in check, they are making sure that this car can be good on the roads and not just be passed off as a cool deco piece. The 2015 Genty Akylone is something to watch out for on the roads very soon. It is designed to deliver a power packed performance and give a show down to all the cars there is. The company has envisioned this high speed mileage car and working their way to customize it to grab all eyeballs. exotic car rentals Miami Review

Carefree Lifestyle is one of the best car rental companies in the country. Car rentals are very useful on a trip to a new city. In a city like Miami, with all its wonderful sights and the great lifestyle and choices that it has to offer, a great car is also a statement that you can make. Carefree lifestyle is a car rental catering to many demands and wishes and is used by people from all walks of life. For example, a high flying businessman or corporate traveller in town for a few days wants the finest car possible for efficiency and speed as well as comfort. Or maybe a person who has saved long and hard for the ultimate vacation and wants to explore the city on four wheels. A luxury car is an expression of his lifestyle while on a holiday guaranteeing him the best time of his life. Or maybe one is in town with family and wants an SUV for exploring sights with his/her loved ones. It is also perfect for youth who want to dazzle in the cityscape. Carefree Lifestyle makes dreams come true. People who want to gift the most amazing time to someone they love rent a car for their pleasure. It then translates from being a mere high end conveyance to something much more meaningful.
Carefree Lifestyle is a luxury car rental company. They also rent out mansions, yachts, private jets along with providing V.I.P services. Operational in New York, Miami and Los Angeles, Carefree Lifestyle has made a name for itself as an exceptional service provider. Their most attractive trait is in taking care of every aspect of customer service and in ensuring that the client is very pleased with their service. The staffs are friendly and warm and indeed very helpful. They guide every prospective client and take the customer through every step of the process. They are available for any query. They also process the special requests or needs and ensure that every desire is fulfilled.
They firstly make sure that the car is right for you in every way. Next they find out about the purpose of the rent and make sure that everything that you might need is at your service. For special occasions, they might also do some upgrades or provide some gifts like flowers on an anniversary or balloons for a birthday or maybe a bottle of wine for the guests. They are flexible with the pickups and drops of the vehicle. In fact, they follow up regularly before, during and after the rental has been made which indeed adds a personal touch to the entire transaction. The insurance policy is in place so that both the client and the company are at peace.
They are also helpful guides in providing travel and accommodation guidance in case you are new to town. Lastly, the deals on their cars are amazing. The cars are in fantastic condition and seem almost new. Carefree Lifestyle is constantly enhancing its vehicular base with the latest models. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi, Rolls Royce, Bentley, BMW, Porsche are its chief sellers.
Next time in Miami use Carefree Lifestyle for the most splendid carefree experience. exotic car rentals Miami Review

Be it SUVs, sedans, convertibles or exotic cars, Tolsy Luxury Car Rental is the place to go to in Miami. They have a remarkable collection in all categories of vehicles to make every dream come true and every destination a pleasure. They have a fantastic customer care service that addresses each and every issue with urgency. The entire process is smooth for the client who simply has to book the car for rent and enjoy it for the duration. The policy and terms are stated clearly and there is no chance of any misunderstanding. This makes things easier for both the customer and owner. In special cases, the owner takes over to give clients are personalised touch. Not just that, the cars are as good as new and come in the latest models.
Tolsy Luxury Car is a highly rated car rental group. The car is not just another vehicle. It is a statement that one can make while on a holiday. For many, it is an extension of the great Miami lifestyle. For others, it is the prospect of owning a dream vehicle for a few days. Car rentals are an extremely useful way of travelling while on a trip. They give you the privacy and the freedom to do things at your own pace. One could organise a vacation suited to their needs. Even businessmen, world jetsetters, corporate travellers can avail the service to ensure smooth functioning while visiting a new city. GPS technology has enabled new places to be discoverable and travelling a much easier process. Tolsy Luxury Car Rental also provides travel guidance to those who need it. They are flexible with the car drop off service and one could choose between multiple locations.
The brands on offer are Mercedes, Jaguar, Range Rover, BMW, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Chevy, Cadillac, Corvette, Viper, Hummer and Audi. They also have passenger vans, or a conversion van to suit some other needs. For families, a larger vehicle is the best option while couples or people travelling along tend to prefer the convertible or exotic cars. The price is very reasonable for the cars on offer. While the convertible ranges from $199 to $1400, exotic cars can go up to $5000. Most of the SUVs are under $500 while sedans show the same range as convertibles. The prices are charged per day and it is preferable for those on a short trip to the city.
All in all, Tolsy Luxury Car is a great service provider. The staffs are friendly and helpful and they consider each of the customer’s wishes while providing the service. They are also good guides to the city. The service and quality of the car provided is superb. They can be contacted online or be called for rentals. They are also a known name for airport car rentals and people can avoid loss of time going to the offices for picking up a car. All commonly asked questions are answered on their site which is a great aid to prospective clients. So for an out of the world vehicular experience, do not forget to book the car of your dreams through Tolsy Luxury Car Service.

MPH Club Exotic Car Rentals Miami Review

Miami gets everyone’s luxury nerve shaken, and on putting the first step in the city of Miami, arises the need for a luxury vehicle. Exotic Car Rentals has got its name well-acclaimed with its unmatched services and extensive range of luxury cars. The dream of sitting at the back-seat of a luxurious four-wheeler is made in reach by MPH Club, with its high-design exotic cars. The fun of burning the roads with some very popular car-brands, and getting many eyes turned around is right here.

The White Fleet
MPH Club possesses a wide range of lavish exotic cars with nine big-brands to count, including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, etc., with Range Rover and some other jazzy models of Lamborghini and Bentley soon to come up to add to the services. These white-collared cars look unique and out-of-the-ordinary-fleet of cars seen all around the road.

The Luxury Ride
Using high-standard cars isn’t a star-thing anymore, and MPH Club Exotic Car Rentals brings this dream close to reality on highly competitive prices and packages. It’s simply a contact away and the next city-tour of Miami or any family-outing will be snazzy with a Lamborghini, Bentley or a Rolls Royce. This surely adds up an unmatched spice to one’s travel, when the prices are highly in reach. Long list of exotic cars are lined-up to do everything starting from picking you up from the airport, travelling you around while making you see the vibrancy of Miami night-life, and landing up in your hotel with incomparable luxury and comfort.

Competitive Prices
For a facility to hire such exotic cars for one entire day, the rents start from as low as $112 for hiring a Mercedes-Benz S Class, and a luxury like Ferrari and Lamborghini reaching your door with highly competitive rates. Getting a quote is also a single click away. The list of all the cars they have available in service are listed on their website and any piece of information to get the car available soon is right present there.

What’s more?
If more is needed in addition to the high-shine luxury car standing at the doorstep to pick you, there are more to appease. All the cars are thoroughly and professionally cleaned and checked. There are premium memberships to help you get these services with added advantages. Just the cars are not exuberant, but the Chauffeurs are highly skilled and professional as well. With MPH Club’s exotic rental cars, you also get the facility to drive the vehicle yourself, by simply signing up for their Rush Hour.

Dash of being driven, style of driving by self and taking the best out of the Miami experience is simply one reservation away, and all of these services are taken in sitting back in the cosy chair and renting the exotic cars with simply a call.

South Beach Exotic Car Rentals Miami

South Beach Exotic Rentals provides the best of the best cars at your service. Operational in Miami, this rental facility is bound to make every guy or gal’s dream car wish come true. They provide the best models looking and feeling absolutely new. Miami is charming and exotic place for one and all. The beaches, the shops, the people, and the very lifestyle is ‘fast and furious’ and South beach Exotic Rentals believe in helping you slip in those fabulous shoes.
As the name suggests, the agency is operational in the South Beach, that is, the southern part of Florida. They deal in products of the wealthy and the rich, ones which are exotic and make people swoon. Most who have used this agency say that the services are the best in the state. The cars have never given any complaints and people get their money’s worth when they book at South Beach Exotic Rentals.
They are operational from Monday to Sunday between 9 am and 7 pm. Cars, mansions, yachts and aircrafts, you name it, and the Rental service will probably have it for you. Do the names Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Bugatti, Audi, Rolls Royce, Range Rover sound familiar to you? Have you ever wanted to have one to yourself? Now, they can be yours at a price on a daily basis, and you can climb in, fasten those seat belts, and zip off into the unknown and let the thrill find you. South Beach Exotic Rental reviews well with its cars. They are the newest models and in fantastic condition. Not just that. People who have used their services believe that the cars are some of the best that they have seen or driven.
The agency also helps you out in other matters if you have a need. Be it in the form of a query, help with hotels, directions to destinations, general services, or just getting around the area, they are there for you. The rentals have a sense of responsibility which makes people feel instantly welcome and cherished. That is probably their biggest positive trait that keeps attracting clients. People who have used their services are of the opinion that one’s vacation gets elevated just by signing up with South Beach Exotic Rentals.
But all the services come at a price. The rental cost per day starts at a minimum of $350 and goes up with the car being considered with a Bugatti Veyron going up to $20000 a day. But that being said, when one is spending one’s hard earned money on a vehicle, isn’t it best to splurge on the best and forget the rest? Because that is exactly why people choose the South Beach Exotic Rentals when on a vacation or just looking for an alternative mode of transport in the area. There is o further hassle and customers can forget all their worries. Insurance, travel help, and fantastic service is all a part of the package. The cars are made for the kings and now, you could be one too.