Jaguar Blackjag concept

Jaguar Blackjag has all the makings of a spectacular sports car and it completely justifies the traditional brands of Formula One sports cars that have been in the market since. The Jaguar Blackjag was commemorated by the Fuore Design International in celebration of their debut emergence and they unleashed the Jaguar Blackjag then.

Jaguar Blackjag stands loyal as its precursors and promises the same functionality and much better. This sports car exemplifies pure style and makings of a great sports car. This car is a beauty. It is refined and polished. It represents the urbane befitting.
The Jaguar Blackjag has definitely progressed and advanced to mirror the chic and sophisticated new edge formula cars. The creators of this new machine had a vision to fully develop a sports car that achieves almost everything starting from its well designed and well equipped outlook. Blackjag has stormed the market like never before and have all the makings of a sports car including its elegant style look.
The Jaguar Blackjag has been designed to simplicity and curved out to give the car an edge over the other racing cars. This car has a distinguished and unique classy thing about it. The idea or concept of the Jaguar Blackjag is that it is aiming to have better and smoother functioning’s without giving up the idea of a classic outer look. The new look is sculpted to perfection and the interior functioning are a lot more smooth. On the front, they have designed a vivid and striking graphic which is simple to use. They have incorporated headlamps, fog lights to create a munificent amount of light emitting graphic. The car has also been modified and has innovative new winged mirrors and new designed door handles. At the back end of the car are the pipelines that are fully upgraded for better use.
The car is swathed in jet black and brings life to the whole picture and this new raging sports car has grown from more than just a mere replica of the traditional racing sports cars. This new car is nothing but elegance redefined.
The Jaguar Blackjag is a two seater and it also comprises of a 10-cylinder engine, 4 valves, DOHC 7000 cc and 640 HP. It gives rise to new hope and visions of outstanding estimated performance facts like it can go zipping at a speed of 0 to 62 mph/h in 3.8 seconds. It has a top speed of 210 mph.
The size and extension of the Jaguar Blackjag is 4.55 meters long, 1.98 meters wide and 121 centimeters respectively. The car weighs a total of 1350 kg.
The Blackjag was conjured up in Barcelona by one of the most prolific Italian archetype designer. The Fuore Design International did take over and it has been one of the most dynamic working independent design studios. The Jaguar Blackjag was a dream realized for them and it is a big achievement. The Blackjag is a real beauty.

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