McLaren 650S Review

The McLaren 650S is the new age supercar that is the perfect amalgamation of technology, luxury and comfort. With McLaren coming up with the P1 and then the 12C, the 650S is aptly their successor. It packs in a pretty solid collection is visual upgrades and aerodynamic alterations that increase the control over high speeds. The McLaren 650S is built around the same carbon fiber chassis as is the12C; which assigns this beast the advantage of reduced weight, weighing in at 165lbs only, to yield greater performance. A four-wheel wishbone hangs independently from the chassis; ensuring superior traction control. The engine of the 650S is the same M838T turbo charged 3.8L V8, as is found in the earlier 12C and the P1. The 650S, however, promises an upgrade in the power generation of 640 horsepower from the 591 horsepower of the 12C; and 500 lb/ft of torque. The massive power is generated through a seven speed dual clutch automatic gearbox. It is all the more impressive that the McLaren 650S races to 60mph from 0, in just 2.9 s; and to 100mph in 5.7 s. It reaches 186mph in 25.4 s; while its top speed can be cranked up to 207mph. the speed transitions are effortless and extremely swift. At the corners, McLaren has installed carbon ceramic discs measuring15.5 inches up front, and 15 inches in the rear. These brilliant brakes ensure that the 650S takes only 100 feet to stop from 62mph, 404 feet to stop when driven at 124mph. The 650S has 19 inches in the front and 20 inches in the rear of Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires; which are synonymous with control and safety.

The interiors of the McLaren 650S is surprisingly spacious and comfortable for a two door vehicle. In order to keep the centre as compact as is possible the GPS screen is mounted in portrait, instead of the regular landscape format. To accentuate parking efficiency, a rear view camera can be installed along with a parking sensor package. There is brilliant communication on part of the car to the driver; irrespective of the weather conditions. The serpentine grille and the sculpted bumper in the McLaren 650S, along with the thin band of LED based headlamps and the swoosh McLaren logo, assign a meaner look. The carbon fiber lower door blades, gaping side scoops and a recalibrated dynamic rear wing work cumulatively to increase the down-force by nearly 24% at 150mph. The ceiling, doors as well as the seats are swathed in faux suede with soft leather available as an upgrade. Also, for a fairly compact car, it packs in great outward vision. There are two models available in the McLaren 650S- the spider and the coupe.

McLaren has been manufacturing racing cars for a really long time, so it can be rightly assumed that they understand comfort requirements best. Also they put their best foot forward when it comes to adding technological upgrades in a car. However, the price can cause a cringe; albeit it is a luxury sports car.

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