Jaguar F Type



After a spectacular debut at the Paris Motor show, the Jaguar F-Type has been one of the best cars of the year 2013. Considered as a replacement to the iconic E-type, it is the first proper 2 seat sports car in almost 40 years. The Jag F-Type is available in two petrol engine versions- 3.0L V6 and 5.0L V8. The 3.0L supercharged V6 produces 380 bhp and a top speed of 275km/h whereas the more powerful 5.0L V8 gives 495 bhp and maximum speed of 300km/h. The sporty and aerodynamic design combined with the high grade leather upholstery and a 380 watt audio system makes it nothing short of a luxury sports car. With those headlight clusters with daylight LED lamps and the ferocious note from the exhaust, the F-Type is one of the most desirable. The F-Type comes with a starting price of $65,000!

F-TYPE-Top View

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