Renting an Exotic Car Guide

We have been receiving lots and lots of emails from people all over the world (mainly Brazilians, Russians and Asians) asking us a ton of different questions about how to rent an exotic car while on vacation. We have taken all their questions and created a free guide on renting an exotic car.

Our guide is in PDF format and totally free to download.

In this 23 page guide we cover:

Why Should You Rent an Exotic Car?
How to Find a Good Exotic Car Company?
What’s the right car for you.
What kind of Age requirements these rental places have.
What Are the General Fees Involved when renting?
Are There Any Hidden Fees?
What Type of Gas Should You Put Into an Exotic Car?
What are the general time rental periods for these cars?
Do I need insurance when renting an exotic car from a rental car company?
Tips for When Driving a Fast Car
Driver and Passenger Safety When Driving a Fast Car
What Happens If You Get Into an Accident With Your Rented Exotic Car?
What Are the Average Rental Prices for Exotic Cars in Different Cities?

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