2013 Lamborghini Aventador

Review of the 2013 Lamborghini Aventador

Speed, precision, style, class and power, the Lamborghini Aventador describes all. This ultra sassy machine is a supercar in all respect. If you are in love with extreme sophistication in machines than this Italian beast is sure to race up your heart beats. If money can buy speed and beauty together than Aventador is the answer. With curvy detailed exterior, this two seater luxury supercar is the right bet for your hard earned money.

This extreme machine is one of the few cars in the world that can pull off at 215 mph in the most stylish way. Its cockpit styled interiors with flashy instrumentation and exotic looking seating inside, this car has everything that your heart will desire. This statement car is made up of a special carbon fiber monocoque chassis and the suspension uses a racing style pushrod inboard dampers and springs. This racing car is a true blue blood on its category. A quick brief of the car is given below:
• Engine: 6.5 L V12-cylinder
• Drive train: All wheel drive
• Transmission: 7-speed automated manual
• Horse Power: 700 hp @ 8250 rpm
• Fuel Economy: 11/18 mpg
• Bluetooth: Yes
• Heated Seats: Yes

The design of the supercar is inspired by the fighter planes F22 Raptor and B-2 Stealth Bomber to give it an edgy fighter look on the roads. It has an excellently smooth transmission, ferocious acceleration and butter smooth steering control to give unmatched control on the roads. The new Roadster model that is lined up for the 2013 Aventador has a stop start technology and cylinder deactivation to improve fuel economy.

If you happen to drive the supercar in slow speed than it is quite disappointing with jerky transmission, again it’s to be kept in mind that you are driving an Aventador so there’s no reason not to race up the speed. A standard model is available in options including 13 paint colors, three matte finishes, two-tone interiors in leather and a premium audio system.
When it comes to cabin and boot space and mileage, you should not expect too much from this fierce beast on road. It can accommodate two normal sized individuals with may be two medium sized bags. Talking about mileage the car doesn’t have much to offer as it’s meant for speed and race and not for fuel economy. The EPA rates the Aventador at 11 mpg city and 17 mpg highway for 13 mpg combined.

This convertible supercar is at par with any of the exotic fixed roof cars when it comes to driving precision and power. The 6.5-liter, 700-horsepower V-12 engine roars with power when it arrives at a screaming 8,250 rpm, while the 509 pound-feet of torque peaks at 5,500 rpm. Due to its razor sharp exterior and cockpit interiors visibility might be an issue for new drivers on road.

It’s pure beauty with lot of brains and definitely with lot of class and an unmatched statement. The Lamborghini Aventador Roadster is definitely going to cruise your heart out.

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