Safety measures in exotic cars

‘All car owners are equal; some car owners are more equal than others’. This could be true in the case of car lovers who own a Lamborghini or Rolls Royce or Audi and price the car more than all the blessings they have counted in their lives. But of course safe guarding the occupants of the car is of prime importance and is of top priority to car manufactures too who constantly explore the latest technology to provide the best safety measures for the occupants. Take a look at few of the safety measure which is present in some of the best, most prized care in the world.
The stately Rolls Royce Ghost incorporates a lot of safety measures into its sleek and gallant body. The rear seat is positioned behind the C-pillar so that there is no use for side impact air-bags and comprises a crumple zone that can scatter the force of a collision through the chassis. An Intelligent Safety and Information System is a remarkable feature in the Ghost. The ISIS is enabled with the help of sensors attached to the body of the car and can trigger the deployment of airbags and pre-tensing of seat belts in order to reduce the impact of an imminent collision. The Ghost also has dynamic stability control and dynamic traction control which augment the safety measures.
The hydraulic steering and four-wheel drive give superb manoeuvrability to a Lamborghini Aventador and that in itself is one of its active safety measures. In the event of a crash, the carbon fibre monocoque, supported with aluminium frames, give torsional stiffness and protection to the occupants. Additional protection is provided by an array of hand bags near the driver’s and front passenger’s seats.
An Aston Martin DB9 is equipped with most of the measure that ensures a safe yet speedy drive. The anti-lock brakes in the car can modulate brake pressure and will ensure that the tyre does not stop rotating in extreme braking. The stability control moderates the power of the engine and monitors that the car does not crash when the driver loses control. Security system to prevent unwanted vehicle intrusion, pretensioners for seatbelts and side impact airbags are present, like in all exotic cars!
A Bugatti Veyron provides superior safety at high speed and this promise of maximum safety is delivered along with maximum driving pleasure. The car has excellent aerodynamic balance, good ground clearance and its rear spoilers are positioned in such a way that the car stays on track even while it is racing at top speeds. The four point electronic stability control improves safety while driving at high speeds. Apart from that the suspension and steering augment the safety measures at high speeds.
A combination of active and passive safety systems offer top quality protective measure to the occupants of a Bentley Continental GT. Front, rear and thorax airbags are present like in most of thesupercars. A complex GPS tracker and ultrasonic alarm are noteworthy characteristics of the safety measures in the GT. Besides, it also has the added protection offered by advanced systems like Electronic Stability Programmes, Anti-lock Braking system, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Hydraulic Brake Assistance and Drag Torque control.
Car manufactures always make sure that their supercars come with the best in class safety measures as a lot of their credibility also depends on the advanced safety they can offer.

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