Tips on buying second hand exotic cars

Open roads and thematic music, revving engines, high speed cruising, tyres screeching to a halt on asphalt and the doors of a Lamborghini whipping open – it doesn’t matter by now how the driver who emerges from the car looks – he or she has already made an impression. If it’s you who wishes to be in the driver’s seat in this scenario (well, who wouldn’t?) and don’t mind a little compromise, you can achieve these dreams and save some cash for gas!
Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when venturing into the world of second hand purchasing:
1. Determine your budget :
If you’ve given enough thought to buying an exotic car, your mind would already have mentally corrected the car mentioned in the dream scenario. So whether it’s an Aston Martin Vanquish or a Maserati Quattroporte, always keep a budget margin in mind and strengthen your resolve. Save up for gas and maintenance costs.

2. Be Realistic:
It is important not to compromise unrealistically. Therefore, make sure you are ready to take the plunge while keeping a track of the various prices offered on your dream car. If you have experience in dealing with cars or interested in what’s under the hood of the car you currently own, it is an added advantage. Be prepared to fiddle around with your purchase or befriend a trusted mechanic who can do it for you at cheap rates.

3. Research and ask around:
Delve into the vast resources of the internet for any information on your dream car that you can get.
Personal contact and information is exceedingly important because the market will bombard you with marketing terms and impressive statistics but first-hand experience is more often than not – more helpful.
Visit mechanics in your locality and ask others via the internet for advice. Sort these into order of relevance to your purchase.

4. Make personal visits and be inquisitive:
Visit places offering to sell their cars at second-hand rates to assess the car’s state as well as make a connection with the owner. It is always better to engage in face-to-face conversation and may give you the opportunity to try a little bargaining (Remember, they can’t hang up on you if you’re right there!).
Don’t forget to question why the owner is willing to part with the car. Evaluate whether it seems like a valid and genuine reason to sell it.

5. Check the essentials:
Though it comes late in the list, this is of prime importance.
Get all relevant documents regarding the car from the previous owner. Keep in mind that you must check whether the parts of the car are in good shape because exotic car parts will probably cost as much as you are willing to dish out for the car itself! In case you do have to change some parts try going online for cheap ones.

6. Test drive:
Take the car for a test spin and see the comfort level it offers you. The satisfaction you get on the first run is the best measure of a car’s performance. Keep a look out for any glitch you incur and take note. Do not treat anything as minor and trust your gut instinct while also seeing sense. Take your time and refrain from making rash decisions.

On a lighter note, try getting a rich friend (if you don’t already have one) who is willing to part with one of his/her many cars.
Buying used/ second-hand cars involves far more research than buying a brand new exotic car and involves a lot of risk. Do consider whether you are prepared to take that risk (mentally and financially) and proceed to enjoy the open highways waiting just for you!
Drive safe!

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